Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow

Mooring facilities in a paradise

The best place to watch a fantastic sunset is on your own boat. We did not only build this marina because it is facing the west - it is just so beautiful here. Just come around, enjoy the silence and the scenes the nature has to offer.

The Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow lies on a small lake: the Granzower Möschen. It is the last stage of the Alten Fahrt which cannot be called without special permit. Therefore it is very quite here. The Granzower Möschen is very small and offers a safe berth for any weather condition but large enough so that beginners could reach the harbour with ease. 


The wooden landing is fixed on hammered down dolphins. They are equipped with electricity and water facilities as well as Wi-Fi. The sanitations are right next to the footbridge to the shore. On the first floor of the marina building is a comfortable holiday apartment. If you would need additional space for visitors who cannot stay overnight on your boat. We also offer daycruiser, canoes and rowing boats.


Special breakfast service

We have a special service at our Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow: The restaurant "Zur Seerose" at the Ferienpark Mirow offers a free delivery service for rolls. For only 25 cent for each roll they deliver it directly to the marina. Please call in advance: (03 98 33) 60 43 50. If you would like to enjoy a full German breakfast buffet you can eat at the restaurant (adults 8 Euro, children (4 - 12,9 years) 6 Euro).


Sebastian Jarchow

Phone: (03 98 23) 2 66-0