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Harald Kuhnle

Name: Harald Kuhnle

Function: Managing Director

Description: Harald Kuhnle himself lives close to the Marina Müritz with his wife and two children. He loves watersports and during the season he will be on the water himself almost every weekend. He knows all waterways in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and Berlin and years ago used to go sailing with friends as well. He is a great boss and during a discussion we always find the best solution with him - rather then having to do what he thinks best.   

Phone: 00 49 (0)3 98 23 - 2 66-0

The team in our marinas is large and here we only show some faces. Most of our colleagues have been working in the boating industry for years and love watersports. Smiling faces will greet you - though maybe not always in English, but Stefan Wegener in the Marina Stralsund and others do speak your language.....



Stefan Wegener

Stefan Wegener will welcome you in our Citymarina Stralsund.

Phone: 00 49 (0) 38 31 - 44 49 78

E-Mail: stralsund(at)kuhnle-tours.eu